Monday, March 29, 2010

HAED Page 1 Update

It is a rainy, dreary day here and I'd love nothing more than to just stay home and work on Blossoming Love, but I have an exam this afternoon and will have to drive to campus. Hopefully, the rain slacks off around time for me to leave. *fingers crossed*

Here is my progress on the first page of the chart which is all background. The second page looks like it has the beginnings of the girl's hair at the bottom of the page so it will be fun to see the detail. This page is going much quicker than I anticipated, especially since I have only been able to work on this for an hour or so a day. I originally planned to take this project along with me to work on during my lunch break but that is not possible with my current storage system described below. So, once I can purchase the other colors needed for this HAED, I think I'll start a Quick Stitch (QS) (maybe Coral Addiction since it looks like it uses some of the same colors as Blossoming Love) on 18 or 22 count Aida that will be my travel project.

My current storage system for my HAED is a 12" x 12" scrapbook craft box. It closes securely so I don't have to worry about the cats getting in it and it's really easy to just pull out my q-snap and chart to get a few stitches in whenever I have a minute. I tried using a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag but it was a PITA to pull the work out with the 11" x 11" q-snap.

I'm hoping to finish the first page this week and purchase the other colors this weekend. I also wanted to add that gridding has really helped me to keep my place with this project. However, I have started pulling the gridding away from the areas I'm stitching in as I get close to the gridlines. It works for me and it prevents the sewing thread that I'm using for gridding from being stitched into the worked area.
Currently reading: Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian & Dark Victory by Brena Joyce.
I'm getting a little tired of the series by Brenda Joyce so I think I'm going to put it away for a while and read another series for a while. I'm still trying to get through these two series so I can start using my new Sony Pocket!
Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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