Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oriental Butterfly

Here is my progress on Oriental Butterfly. I started stitching Friday afternoon and filled in the orange area of the wing this morning. So far, I am really enjoying this piece and love the colors (even though the picture does not show them that well). This will be a nice project to work on at night after classes or work. Also, I bought a 10" Susan Bates plastic hoop from Michael's to use with this project because I was determined to like using a hoop. This hoop works very well and I actually like it, so mission accomplished!

I'm also trying to finish my first Reclamation Scarf so that I can cast on another one for Christmas presents. Assignments are starting to pile up and mid-terms are looming in the not too distant future, so who know how much free time I'll have to complete Christmas presents this year. At the very least, hopefully, I'll be able to crank out some more dishcloths!

As always, thanks for looking!

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MaryT said...

Hi great start on the butterfly.