Friday, March 13, 2009

Knitting Needle Comparisons

I read in a forum somewhere that the Susan Bates Silverado circular knitting needles are very comparable to Addi knitting needles. First off, I love the feel of the Addi needles. They are incredibly smooth and the yarn just glides over them, but they are expensive for someone like myself who is trying to grow their needle collection ($17 each!). So, after researching needles, I decided to try the Susan Bates Silverado needles and see if I liked them as much since they are around $6 a pair. The SBS are much, much better than the Boye needles with a more flexible cable and SBS does not have the coating that Boye needles have that drives me crazy because it rubs off and causes the needle to be rough. In comparison to the Addi's, the SBS have pointier tips (a big plus), nice flexible cables, and are nice to work with. The only negative I have for the SBS is the join where the cable meets the needle. I probably will try HiyaHiya or Knitpicks needles instead of purchasing SBS again, but I like that I can purchase SBS locally. I have two sock circulars by Knitpicks (sizes 1 & 2) and they are awesome with very smooth joins, very flexible cables, nice pointy tips for fingering weight yarn, and are great for Magic Loop Method! Recently I started reading a lot of discussions on Ravelry about the 9" circulars by HiyaHiya. I'd really like to try these for sock knitting after I decide which needle size I prefer.

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